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WP Intense Q & ACategory: Scalability ProWoocommerce Brand / Woocommerce Ajax Layer Navigation
Fadi M. asked 6 years ago


as mentioned in my last comment two weeks ago, I still face the following problems:

  1. Scalability Pro seems not to work with "Woocommerce Brands" plugin. It simply does not list the attribute "brand" as you can see here:

    Therefore filtering by brands is impossible.

  2. I used the plugin "Ajax-Enabled, Enhanced Layered Navigation" to enable the color picker. Unfortunately it stops to work once I enable Scalability Pro. Whatever I choose it results in "0 products found".

Is there any chance to solve these problems ?

Best Regards!

Anon replied 6 years ago

Ok – re: brand, they must be using a different taxonomy maybe – I can investigate and fix. re: Colour picker, I’ll need to investigate this too – can you provide me a login? (email it to [email protected] or provide a private answer here)

Fadi M. replied 6 years ago


Fadi M. replied 6 years ago

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have sent an email to you.

Anon replied 6 years ago

Ok thanks – I have it – it’s in my queue to investigate and fix – should be done today.

2 Answers
Michel J. answered 6 years ago

Hello Dave, did you investigate the woocommerce brands plugin problem? If so, do you have a fix/workaround available? Thanx, Michel

Anon replied 6 years ago

I do not yet have a solution to this – the WooCommerce brands plugin stores brands somewhere else other than in product attributes. I’m not sure WHY this is done that way? Can either of you help explain to me the advantage of this brands plugin over and above just using normal WooCommerce attributes? That’s what I and clients have used for the the brand attribute.

Michel J. replied 6 years ago

Well, with Woocommerce Brands we can upload a short description of the image and upload a logo. A useful feature of the Woocommerce Brands plugin is the A-Z shortcode which lets you list your brands on their own page and makes finding brands easy

Antti P. replied 6 years ago

Brands are a custom taxonomy in WooCommerce brands plugin. I’m also using Woocommerce Brands so any fix/workaround would be appreciated 🙂

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 5 years ago

I’ve moved this over to a feature request. It’ll get implemented ASAP.

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