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Alex Murphy asked 9 months ago

Hi Dave, I watched over you Wordcamp Brighton video (from some years back) and i've read a few of your blog posts in relation to Woocommerce sites with products with tons of variations. Just thought i'd reach out to you. My client is an Apple reseller, we built his site using WP / WC and we are encoutering the same issue. Once a prodyct gets over 500+ variations it's starting to slow down. We have built out 1 product (Mac Pro) that have around 12000 variations and we used object caching and this worked in terms of making the page load - although still pretty slow (https://www.wearesync.co.uk/product/apple-mac-pro/). So i had a few questions really. Do you have any tips in speeding up these processes without caching? Not sure if it's of any help but all the main mac products don't appear on any 'shop' type pages so it's onlt the main WC product pages we are concerned about. I noticed you have a plugin for scalabilty - will this help at all? It does mention: WooCommerce runs some slow code to count the variations on the product detail page. By disabling this, it forces some Ajax code to run when the user clicks the variation option which is far faster. This sounds promising. We are also currently using WP Rocket for general site caching etc. I'm sure your a busy guy so any of your time is grealy appreciated. Thanks, Alex

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 8 months ago

I’m still working on a major fix for product variations which will be built into Scalability Pro, but as yet it’s still not complete. The current speed boost for variations is fairly limited in Scalability Pro.

One thing I would highly recommend is if there’s any way you can avoid having this many variations then do so. For example – each variation has its own image and its own price – if you have some selectable options which don’t actually change the price then change them to product options (many plugins for this functionality) instead of product variations.

Similarly, if you have any variation options which do change the price but change it consistently then you can use Product Addons here – for example, if Medium adds £10 to the price and Large adds £25 to the price then you could use Product Addons (and some other product options plugins too) instead of variations.

The variations multiply quite quickly – the difference between having 6 options and 4 options configured in your variations is significant. For example, if each configurable option has 5 choices, then with 4 of these you’d have 625 variations but with 6 you’d have 15,625 variations.

. replied 3 days ago

Hi Dave,
Meanwhile that major fix for product variations in Scalability Pro is completed? I am asking because I need your product to speed up productpages that have many (1500) variations?
(Productpages with like up to 500 variations are just fine, quite fast).

. replied 3 days ago

If your changelog is up-to-date I already got the answer: No. Because last update for Scalability Pro is dated september 2020, that before the above answer you gave to Alex. But please confirm.

Dave H. Staff replied 3 days ago

Changelog is up to date – fresh update released today, but still not for product variations. I’m kind of holding fire on optimising this because Woo are restructuring their tables which will help me optimise. In the meantime, use product rules where possible instead of variations and use an object cache to speed up the remaining variations.

Product rules and product options are better/faster if the price doesn’t change with these options or if the price changes by a set amount.

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