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eveline molina scheepers asked 2 years ago

Hello Dave,

First off all, great work and thanks for the WordPress External Images plugin. I just downloaded it and it’s working great, there is only one thing, I can’t figure out how to put the code into wp all import for woocommerce, tried already diverent methodes but still not working… The external url is a ssl contection and mine too…

Hope you can help me… 🙂

Kind regards (and my apologize for my poor English… )

Eveline Molina Scheepers

3 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

The External Images plugin will check two different keys in wp_postmeta for your external URLs.

You can import to either of these using WP All Import:




eveline molina s. replied 2 years ago

Great, will give it a try right away! Thanks a lot…

eveline molina s. replied 2 years ago

Hello Dave thanks again, it worked… can’t wait till everything is done… finally a faster webshop… 🙂 Kind regard Eveline Molina

Hicham Timouri answered 2 years ago


I have installed WordPress External Images plugin and I want to add external images using WP All Import but I cant find "external_image_url" or "_dfrps_featured_image_url" in custom fields during csv importation! My web site use ssl and external image are ssl, and I can’t find option “Don’t import images” !

Please help me!

kind regards

. replied 2 years ago

Hi – you can create custom product meta when you import through wp all import. Don’t import images. Instead, import CUSTOM POST META. And load the image to the external_image_url wp_postmeta field..

Media M. replied 2 years ago

Thank you for your replay.
Can you please explain more? I did not understand your explanation!
what do you mean by “create custom product meta” “mport CUSTOM POST META” “load the image to the external_image_url wp_postmeta field.”?
Kind regards

Media M. replied 2 years ago

Do you have a guide to integrate WordPress External Images to WP All Import?
or please assist me step by step. Thanks

Media M. replied 2 years ago

Thanks nullo

. replied 2 years ago

Hi – everyone – please try and ask a FRESH question – unless your question is directly related to this question, please ask it in a new question.

. replied 2 years ago

To answer your question: Do not import images – it’s not an option – it asks you in wp all import with woocommerce addon for the images fields – just don’t drag them to that area. Instead, drag them to the custom meta area. Create a new custom meta – you can name it external_image_url and that’s it! Now when your products are imported, no featured image will be imported, but the custom meta will have this url set – if you go to edit your product, on the right hand side where the featured image is, you’ll see the external image instead.

eperezhfree answered 12 months ago


I have the same problem, I do not get how to import external images with the plugin with WP All Import. Somebody help me. regards

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