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WP Intense Q & ACategory: External ImagesWP Residence Real Estate theme compatibility
Curtis asked 12 months ago

Is your External Images plugin fully compatible with the "WP Residence Real Estate" WordPress theme?

2 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 12 months ago

I’m sorry I can’t answer that without buying the plugin. If you upload a copy somewhere and send me a private answer I can test it for you, but generally YES, it’s compatible with all custom post types and I’ve already optimised it for another real estate theme so I see no reason it won’t work with this one.

Dave H. Staff replied 12 months ago

And if it doesn’t work, I’ll alter the plugin to make it work or write a guide for you showing the workaround to make it work.

Curtis C. replied 12 months ago

Thanks, Dave. I emailed you my site credentials via email on May 31 and tried following up a few times. Can you please advise? Emails sent to [email protected] and [email protected] Thanks very much, Curtis

Dave H. Staff replied 12 months ago

Sorry about the delay with getting to this. I’ll try and get a solution for you over the weekend. One thing to check is changing the display option for gallery to the default and then it normally works – see this other answer for a similar situation:

Curtis C. replied 11 months ago

Hi Dave – I tried the gallery option in my theme, but that did not work. Did you have an opportunity to review the theme over the weekend? Thank you.

Dave H. Staff replied 11 months ago

We have a copy of the theme, we are installing it on a demo site, we’ll get back to you today with an answer.

Curtis C. replied 11 months ago

Hi Dave, just following up to see if you have new information on the theme compatibility? Thank you

Dave H. Staff replied 11 months ago

See my separate answer.

Dave Hilditch Staff answered 11 months ago

Ok – I installed a copy of WP Residence here:

Some things weren’t working immediately – I’ve fixed:

  • Admin thumbnails now working
  • Featured image no longer displays again in the gallery (i.e. featured image only appears once rather than twice)

You can check the demo above – Glyn will be fleshing this out next week to show all display variations – and the changes to make this fully compatible are now in version Beta 2.59. You can download that now from your account.

Come chat to me on our Discord server to ask questions - Dave Hilditch, WP Intense

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