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Kallad O. asked 6 years ago

Hello Dave

How long will it take to do a new installation?

Thank you. Gary

2 Answers
Kallad O. answered 6 years ago

Hello Dave

I am looking at buying your Scalability Pro for WordPress, but firstly sorting out my hosting, hence my question above: How long will it take to do a new installation? (of the WPI Fast WordPress Stack)… I have already opened a DigitalOcean account (without setting anything up as yet), so will give you those login details to do your WPI Fast WordPress Stack installation.

I only have one question: ‘How much of a programmer does one have to be, to find your way around the new installation?’

I recently upgraded to VPS, and then shortly thereafter, back down to cPanel (shared hosting) with my current hosting provider, as I was starting to spend more time on trying to learn programming, as I was on designing my site. I am a business-minded person, and would like to make a profit out of my site, but am not intending on becoming a programmer in the process. From your articles, posts, YouTube, etc it is evident you love programming, but that is not my ‘kettle of fish’.

I went on to skype yesterday, in order to contact you (through a more private means), but was unable to determine which account was yours, as there are a lot with your name. Can you let me have your Skype address, or any other means of communication, that will not appear on your general Q & A section?

I look forward to hearing from you, in order to proceed with the above order.

Thank you. Gary

Vasil Y. answered 6 years ago

Hello Gary,
as I said in private message, Dave has been very busy of late with upgrades for the different products.
I can, however, provide you with his personal Skype so that you can contact him privately if that is your desire – I will also turn his attention to this as soon as he is around. Please contact me on my personal email – [email protected] so that I can provide you with his Skype, as well as answer any questions you might have in the meantime regarding the products – as I did for the PCP.
As a bottom line, however, I believe that the installation itself is very "newbie friendly", as far as I have heard from other customers. It’s nothing overly complicated and you should be able to get the hang of it rather easily.
Kind regards.

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