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Ability to re-create indexes

Robert Phillips-Legge shared this feature

October 7, 2021

If I make a change to what needs to be indexed such as adding or removing something like a meta_key value or Excerpts It is not immediately apparent that re-indexing is occurring or has occurred. There are also other occasions when rebuild might be necessary A button to force re-indexing would be useful

1 Comment

  1. Dave H.
    October 8, 2021 @ 11:22 am

    Auto infinite scroll does not create indexes. If this is referring to Scalability Pro, indexes are up to date as soon as you edit anything – they are maintained directly in the database.

    If this is referring to Faster Woo Widgets, there is a button in there to re-index and recreate the object_ancestors table we create.

    If this is referring to Super Speedy Search, the current beta version maintains the indexes automatically, the upcoming beta version has a newly created table which will be maintained automatically but there will also be a button to rebuild the table if needed.


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