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The WP Intense "Get WordPress fit for summer" challenge! Send us your before & after speed screenshots to be in with a chance of winning €500 store credit!

We want to discover which plugins are giving you the biggest speed performance boosts.

To that end, we are giving away €500 store credit with no expiry date for any purchases from WP Intense for the winner of this challenge.

You can spend it, you can keep it, you can gift it. There are also 5 runners up prizes of €100 to be won.

To be in with a chance of winning, we want to see your before & after screenshots of your WordPress website performance.

Your ‘before’ photo should include a comment about which plugins you were using and what performance problems you experienced.

Your ‘after’ photo should include a comment about the replacement plugin(s) you used and what gains you received. 

No purchase necessary, you can use any plugins you like to show your before & after performance.

Existing customers can also take part – on your staging/dev site, you can deactivate our plugins and reactivate your old ones to produce your ‘before’ photo.

Submit as many entries as you wish for more chances to win – one entry per website.


1 lucky winner will receive €500 store credit 5 runner up prizes of €100 store credit

How to enter We have rules

Entry Rules

  1. There must be a RAW/uncached performance improvement of some kind from before to after in your screenshots – this can be reduced page generation time (improved speed), reduced RAM usage or reduced import time etc. 
  2. Page caching plugins are excluded from this competition. Page caching is easy and should be done at server-level, not at WordPress level. If your hosts do not provide page caching, you should change hosts.
  3. Query Monitor must be active on both your before and after screenshots.
  4. The top Query Monitor panel must be visible.
  5. The bottom panel of Query Monitor should be visible (see examples below).
  6. The before & after screenshots must be for the same URL – you can choose any URL to show your before & after. It could be your shop archive, your home page, your wp-admin orders page, your search results or your import speed or anything else.
  7. You must provide a comment describing the before & after performance change including which plugins you swapped.
  8. If you are using an object cache, please prime the cache before taking your before & after screenshots by loading the URL twice in your browser and please provide before & after screenshots with your object cache disabled too.
  9. Do not blur your URL path as we will need to validate your entry. If you do not want your logo or URL to be in published photos, please blur them prior to upload.


  1. Everyone can take part
    1. Existing WP Intense customers – dig out your staging server and deactivate our plugins and reactivate your old ones to grab your ‘before’ photo. Remember when deactivating Scalability Pro to delete your indexes first to get a proper measurement.
    2. New customers – take ‘before’ photo before you install our plugins, they are great to impress your boss/customers/partners with how much leaner you have made your website. Take your after photos once you’re all set up with our plugins.
    3. Anyone else – if you are not using our plugins, you can still take part – submit your before & after photos with other third-party plugin changes that have given you performance boosts.
  2.  You must be over 18 years old. 
  3. You can be from anywhere in the world.
  4. Maximum one entry per domain.
  5. One entry per domain. No entry limit per person. Enter multiple domain before & after photos for more chances to win!
  6. Prize draw for the 6 prizes will happen live on Discord. You will be notified closer to the time and will require a free Discord account to watch the draw live. Winners will also be notified via email and you do not need to be present for the live draw to win.
  7. We will give a maximum of one prize per person. If you win both the €100 and the €500 credit, you’ll get the €500 credit and the €100 credit will be re-rolled.
  8. Entries close on Friday the 2nd of September. Winners will be drawn live on our Discord server on Friday the 9th September.

Example Before & After Screenshots Our 900,000 product demo store screenshots of before & after for our Super Speedy Filters plugin

First load with classic WooCommerce filters– 99.12s
Second load (object cache primed) with classic WooCommerce filters – 16.93s
First load with Super Speedy Filters – 1.06s
Second load with Super Speedy Filters (object cache primed) – 0.93s

Entry Form Fill out the form below for as many domains as you like for more chance to win

Join our Discord community and read the rules for a 20% discount coupon.