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Beta Changelog for Scalability Pro

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Contributors: dhilditch
Donate link:
Tags: speed, performance
Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 5.8.2
Stable tag: 4.75
Requires PHP: 7.0 License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Speeds up slow SQL queries and includes various other performance tweaks to help your site scale to any size.


Speeds up slow SQL queries and includes various other performance tweaks to help your site scale to any size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this PHP 8 compatible?

Yes, and it's MySQL 8 and MariaDB compatible too.


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4.75 (17th December 2021)

  • Upgraded the update checker - checked the two errors that I fixed earlier are fixed in the update.
  • Altered the update checker to use Bitbucket instead of my own server

4.74 (17th December 2021)

  • Hardened plugin update checker - an error was occurring if the wpintense json file was not available

4.73 (15th December 2021)

  • Added 3 new indexes for the new way WP All Import performs image lookups

4.72 (10th November 2021)

  • Merged old items into core

4.71 (4th November 2021)

  • Added scalability fix for order admin issue caused by the Order Delivery Date plugin

4.70 (2nd November 2021)

  • Added index to wp_options on name - found in perf analysis that this is actually a very frequent SQL pattern and when > 2000 options exist it starts to get noticable
  • Added index to wp_comments to assist with admin area where comment counts are counted by comment type
  • Added count users cache for wp-admin order admin speed boost - it's only used to display a dropdown in the list orders screen (and possibly other screens)
  • Refactored how indexes are created - paves the way for selective indexing in future

4.69 (22nd October 2021)

  • Hardened code to avoid fatal warning at end of overnight cron job if WooCommerce not installed - checks for existence of wc_recount_all_terms - was not affecting anything other than creating an error in debug.log

4.68 (9th September 2021)

  • Added optimisation for WCFM Multivendor marketplace - the query they have to generate the STORE filter is not scalable, made scalable with this update
  • Added 2 indexes to support improved query for WCLOVERS WCFM Multivendor Marketplace plugin - wp_usermeta.wpi_wclovers_wcfm_marketplace_usermeta and wp_users.wpi_wclovers_wcfm_marketplace_users - even just 6000 entries in wp_usermeta (10 users) is enough to add 0.5 seconds to page load, but with this index + query alteration the same query is 0.003 seconds

4.67 (3rd September 2021)

  • Added settings control over the option to remove OR post_status = 'private' to front-end queries. Doing this can speed up WP_Query in some cases. Using this option will stop private items displaying on your front-end.

4.66 (31st August 2021)

  • Altered code that removes check for private posts to never run on wp-admin pages

4.65 (30th July 2021)

  • Fixed bug that occured with 'CHANGE TAX TO EXISTS' when no tax exists

4.64 (12th May 2021)

  • Minor PHP notice warning removal

4.63 (12th May 2021)

  • Import speed boosted significantly -
  • Improved Defer Term Count code to speed up imports
  • Added wc_lookup_sku index for product lookups against the sku (used by more than just imports, so speed boosts elsewhere too)
  • Added wpallimport_sku to speed up imports when checking to see if item already inserted
  • Added wpallimport_guid to speed up imports

4.62 (30th September 2020)

  • Added new WPI Settings page where users can enter their license key to enable plugin updates

4.61 (22nd June 2020)

  • Added multisite compatibility

4.60 Beta (1st May 2020)

  • Prevent query alterations for cron and ajax where the order of results may actually matter for functionality
  • Improved removal of GROUP BY when group by not needed - gives speed boost in some cases

4.59 Beta (16th April 2020)

  • Changed mechanism for the 'WHERE NOT EXISTS' option to make it work with all taxonomies and multiple taxonomies (previously was disabled and when enabled it only handled 1 taxonomy) - this optimisation helps in many cases but not all - you'll need to test it to check with your data config

4.58 (31st March 2020)

  • Added new index on wp_posts on just the guid column. Some themes grab posts directly using SQL against wp_posts and just use the guid. Typically this is when they're grabbing images. They shouldn't do it that way but some do.

4.57 (27th August 2019)

  • Fixed bug related to 'removing woocommerce ajax variations count' which improves performance of pages with many variations
    • bug was related to items which didn't have all variations created. Fix was to return at least 1 of the variations which seems to fix the Woo JS code so that it will correctly use Ajax to fetch prices.

4.56 (16th May 2019)

  • Updated code to prevent 'sort order suppression' and 'pagination suppression' from running on admin pages

4.55 (16th May 2019)

  • Re-added experimental EXISTS option for those users who have already set it and are successfully using it. Full fix coming soon to re-add it to options page.

4.54 (8th May 2019)

  • Further hotfix for sitemap index

4.53 (8th May 2019)

  • Fixed sitemap index in cases where somehow the keys were > 1000 characters

4.52 (8th May 2019)

  • Removed the experimental EXISTS feature as it was causing errors in many cases

4.51 (6th May 2019)

  • Altered the plugin update checker to use the latest version and avoid warning message.

4.50 (12th April 2019)

  • WHERE EXISTS experimental option now fixed - if all 3 wp_query options set, dogs category on foundthru is 0.0009s

4.49 (1st April 2019)

  • Swapped out use of dbDelta to use generic CREATE statement instead since it seems there is a bug inside WordPress core -
  • Removed the .js file from front-end as it's not yet needed

4.48 (28th March 2019)

  • Bumped version number to help customer

4.47 (28th March 2019)

  • Removed row-level caching from WooCommerce->Orders (needs bugs fixed)
  • Added caching table for better performance than using transients

4.46 (4th March 2019)

  • Added caching table for use by wp-admin views
  • Added row-level caching to WooCommerce -> Orders
  • Added row-level caching to wp-admin -> Products
  • Removed warnings & notices

4.45 (11th February 2019)

  • V minor speed boost when checking for queries related to group BY (mostly around sitemaps)

4.44 (4th February 2019)

  • Added new index for XML sitemaps - optimises BWP Google XML Sitemaps and Yoast SEO XML sitemap functionality
  • Added new filter to optimise paged query for BWP Google XML Sitemaps
  • Added new filter to optimise main query for Yoast SEO XML sitemap functionality

4.43 (10th January 2019)

  • Removed warning caused by 'beta' check for updates for those who were not on beta program

4.42 (2nd December 2018)

  • Fixed issue with spotting indexes that were created using MySQL 8

4.41 (17th September 2018)

  • Fixed product's disappearing on some themes when 'no pagination' option set

4.37 (11th January 2018)

  • Improved product listing page speed

4.36 (11th January 2018)

  • Fixed 2 errors when object is not defined - was preventing correct operation of 'duplicate product' link (for example)


  • Improved experimental left join
  • Improved admin pages and documentation


  • Fixed broken 'sort order' option
  • Made experimental LEFT JOIN optimisation (to WHERE EXISTS) far more stable