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What we do

Our primary focus is on building and improving our WordPress plugins. Originally, we started making affiliate marketing websites and found serious performance issues with the existing WordPress and WooCommerce eco-system so we got to work on fixing that.

WordPress Specialists

We build most of our websites using WordPress. WordPress has evolved significantly over the past few years, throughout which time we’ve been writing plugins, themes and websites for our clients.

WordPress provides a beautiful easy to use interface for you to add or edit your website (if you so choose) and a plethora of themes to use as starting points. If you choose us as your web designers, we will build your entire site and coach you in how to maintain the basics of your website. Alternatively, we can manage your website fully for you.

With WordPress you get access to amazing plugins like Datafeedr, WooCommerce, Themify, all the boilerplate stuff of blogging, comments, user management and content management as well as the ability to completely customise the website to your specific desire.

Underlying WordPress is the language PHP – the most popular server-side language in the world – used by companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Wikipedia so you know you’re in good company and your website will be able to scale to whatever demands your visitors require.

Plugin Development

You can find our plugins through our menu system, but primarily they are focused on performance optimisation with a side-focus on affiliate marketing.

If you would like to hire us to develop plugins, we are only really interested in developing plugins if they fit into the above two categories.

Web Scraping

One of our plugins – Price Comparison Pro – makes it easy for you to add web scraping to your site. This will provide you with the ability to have live pricing tables for any products you can find on the web.

If you would like to hire us to build out your web scraping technology, this is something we would be interested in as it can help us add functionality to our existing plugin.

Text Analytics

We love big data. Dave Hilditch is a database and analytics expert, so if you have a project that requires text analytics to gather and analyse data for your sector then get in touch.

If you’d like to hire us for any of the above kind of work, please request a quote.

Come chat to me on our Discord server to ask questions - Dave Hilditch, WP Intense

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Other than that, we use cookies to identify where traffic came from to help us understand which traffic turns into sales, we use a cookie for Google Analytics traffic analysis and we use a cookie to customise adverts for our own products we think you'll be interested in.

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