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Pull prices LIVE from other websites directly into your own WordPress website with our Price Comparison Pro plugin. 

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Scale your WordPress website to millions of posts or products with our Scalability Pro plugin. 

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About WP Intense

Sometimes, we like to get quite techy – but mostly, we deliver plugins that transform your site’s speed and revenue – in a language you can understand.

Our Latest WordPress Product

WPI are pleased to announce the arrival of the 

‘Per-Website Configuration Service for Price Comparison Pro’.

Be sure you have the correct CSS Selectors for your site by making us get them for you.

~ The WPI Team


WPI Per-Website Configuration Service for Price Comparison Pro

Price Comparison Pro allows you to update live prices for comparison on your site. 

To do this you have to be able to set up the CSS Selectors for the site you want to use for comparison. 

There is a video guide to help you to do this here.

Alternatively, if you would like WPI to choose the correct ones and send them over to you to paste into your PCP settings page, this excellent service is for you.


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