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store prices in post meta

I see the foundthru site currently failing to show prices. I believe I’ve seen PC pro uses transients. if transient price data has been purged, and the script is not able to fetch prices, it will fail to show prices.

It would be great if PC pro would just store prices in postmeta. It could render it server side making, also making it easier for search engines to see it (may be beneficial for SEO if combined with rich snippets markup).

Transients could still be used as an enhancement, ie it could still fetch these after page load and update prices if succesful. Pricing already rendering server side could be hidden until the ajax completes or returns an error.


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Check if HTTPS is possible for images, if so, replace HTTP with HTTPS for all of that site’s images

We already proxy images if they are not HTTP, but:

1) This uses CPU and bandwidth (but no disk space)
2) Some networks, like ASOS, prevent downloading images in this way
3) Some networks, like ASOS, are listed as HTTP images in datafeedr but actually do have HTTPS images

So I’m going to add a new feature that when it spots an HTTP image for the first time from a new domain, it will test if HTTPS works, and if so, all future HTTP image requests will be changed to HTTPS image request rather than attempting to proxy them.


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Make FWW work with Woo Brands plugin

The Woo Brands plugin is popular because of the brand landing pages it provides. BUT, it handles brands in a weird way. Regardless, customers want compatibility, so I’ll implement it.


Should hopefully be able to just make it compatible, but *may* have to create a new widget to replace their widget. I already know the way they’ve coded it is very slow, so probably it’ll need a new replacement widget.


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Add auto-generated H1 tags for cats & filters

add dynamically created titles and h1s for brand filter the same way like Eric Busch from datafeedr did it on geargrabber.net?

View the code on Gist:


e.g. https://www.geargrabber.net/category/mens-clothing/?filter_brand=carhartt

Another great option would be adding brand seo description on the main shop page when you click brand filter: shop/brand/paul-smith

Zalando does it this way.