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Add accordion to FWW widgets

screen: https://prnt.sc/sidya8

– add option to enable it per widget
– add option to set min-width of the screen per widget in order to control when and if a widget should be closed by default

video: https://mega.nz/file/HOBnkSKR#ChWH2JA8kNHSPD7o_vEdLodW1OJBvrN_ujW4PCDNPS0


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Allow filtering products by any custom taxonomy terms (e.g. brand or product tag) – new FWW Fast Custom Taxonomy Widget

Can you please add a new FWW Fast Custom Taxonomy Widget, so we can use any custom taxonomy for filtering our products and all FWW filters can be used on term archive pages?


More on this (see point 5): https://trello.com/c/qy1GHWHG/41-fww-add-generated-sitemap-urls-tab-and-allow-users-to-configure-top-and-bottom-text-including-bulk-edit#comment-5e8b51e7f4f85802626d32b9

Implementing this would resolve the issues with the ‘brand’ plugins:


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Allow searching of multiple post types at once

WordPress makes use of search results templates, for example – product searches return results in a grid whereas posts typically get returned in a list.

This feature request is to provide the ability to search multiple post types at once.

Two features will be developed to achieve this:

1. Allow user to choose search results template for specific search widget and that one template will be used for all combined search results. This may look a little odd if you have posts being returned using the product search results as posts don’t have a price etc.

2. Or return search results with each template on a single page. e.g. if posts and products are selected to be searched in a widget then on results page:

150 articles found matching search string
(then show top X articles using posts template)

120 products found matching search string
(then show top X products using products template)

I still have questions in my mind about how pagination would then work – probably if they hit show more, or use pagination in the articles template then it would move to a page just showing page 2 of articles (and no products any longer). Similarly, if they clicked page 2 on the products template, it would then move to page 2 only using the products template and only showing products.

The browser back button would return the user back to the combined search results page, but if they’re on page 2 of the articles and they use the pagination button to view page 1, it would still just view page 1 of articles only (not combined).

Looking for feedback from users on this so I get it right.


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Remove sort options Error


The Remove Sort Option if change to “Remove sort options (fastest)” will have error on the woocommerce order.

See this video for your reference: https://www.loom.com/share/c30763110c2a448d907fdd27437b6c1e

Can you help fix it?


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Add gallery option to variations


A customer has asked for compatibility with WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin to be added – it doesn’t really make sense to add compatibility with that plugin, but what I can add is the ability to directly add external galleries to the variations.

i.e. customer will get what they want and won’t need that third party plugin any more

View Live Progress

A Trello card has been created for this feature request. You can watch progress live using the card below.

Trello Card

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FWW Recommended Products

Youtube, Google Play Store and other big boys websites show on their homepages recommended products based on recently viewed products. We can do something similar based on product categories and attributes.

e.g. user visits:

1) Product ID 1:
– product_cat – Mens
– pa_brand – Nike
– pa_colour – White


2) Product ID 2:
– product_cat – Mens
– pa_brand – adidas
– pa_colour – Black

FWW Recommended Products widget shows products:

– product_cat – Mens
– pa_brand – Nike OR adidas
– pa_colour – White OR Black
– exclude – Product IDs 1 and 2 // not sure if this is actually necessary


‘tax_query’ => array(
‘relation’ => ‘OR’,
‘taxonomy’ => ‘product_cat’,
‘field’ => ‘slug’,
‘terms’ => array(‘mens’),
‘taxonomy’ => ‘pa_brand’,
‘field’ => ‘slug’,
‘terms’ => array(‘nike’,’adidas’),
‘taxonomy’ => ‘pa_colour’,
‘field’ => ‘slug’,
‘terms’ => array(‘black’,’white’),

I think this is doable and similar to the FWW Recently Viewed Products (Ajax) widget.

It would be nice to have access to this query – just an array of product IDs would be enough – so we can use it in custom templates.