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Ability to re-create indexes

If I make a change to what needs to be indexed such as adding or removing something like a meta_key value or Excerpts It is not immediately apparent that re-indexing is occurring or has occurred. There are also other occasions when rebuild might be necessary A button to force re-indexing would be useful


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Generate Fancy Open Graph Images

Trendy websites like github.com:

or tr-ex.me:

generate gorgeous Open Graph images.

We can create such images for filtered archives – autogeneration of og:image should be an option just like the title, description, h1, above-products-html or below-products-html.

PHP GD Library functions are total crap, so it has to be a headless browser taking a screenshot of the requested HTML template.
dev.to uses: https://docs.htmlcsstoimage.com/ but it’s a bit pricey, a custom Vercel/Netlify serverless function would be better:



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Add existing filters to woocommerce breadcrumbs

This should be an optional configuration: Do not reset filters when clicking breadcrumbs

The default category breadcrumb URLs should contain filters just like FWW Product Categories widget with this option enabled: https://prnt.sc/w64m3a

e.g. existing filter is black: https://foundthru.com/product-category/dogs/dog-bowls/black/

I would like to change my breadcrumbs
from this: https://foundthru.com/product-category/dogs/
to this: https://foundthru.com/product-category/dogs/black/