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Add Price Alerts, Price History and Cron price-checking

This is a feature I really want to see myself, but some customers have also requested something similar too now.

When a customer is using Price Comparison Pro in a particular niche, it would be particularly beneficial to their users to be able to enter their email address and receive price alerts when the price drops or rises (configurable).

This would massively increase engagement, since users would be able to receive price alerts across multiple merchants from our customers niche website. It would increase signups to their newsletter at the same time as I’d see that as an option we’d want to include (i.e include MailPoet/MailChimp integration)

Price Alerts require a cron job to check the prices on a regular, configurable basis. A customer has requested cron-based price checking, not for price alerts, but for the ability to ensure their WooCommerce ‘cheapest’ price remains up to date. I’ve given them a workaround for this at the moment, but having a cron job would be great for this.

At the same time, storing and visualising price history would enable the price alerts – e.g. showing a little graph next to the prices from each merchant – when you hover over it, it could show prices and date the price was obtained. The reason I feel this is linked/connected, is because cron underlies all of this and because seeing a changeable graph would likely initiate the user to sign up for price alerts.

For example, the Yeti Microphone which I regularly use as a demo product for Price Comparison Pro – a month ago, Amazon dropped the price down to £79. It’s back up to £99 now and still at £119 many places. A price alert from the niche website would have covered this price drop from 6 merchants.

On top of that, the benefits for my customers are large in that with price alerts, their users are then going to come back to my customers website and click through THEIR affiliate links which should significantly increase their affiliate revenue.

If anyone has any additional comments to add to this, please add them!


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FWW Sitemap – bulk generation of all available urls

In order to get as many pages of our store as possible available in the search result, we should be able to generate a number of pages with clean URL.

The plugin should automatically create a list of all possible combinations of the URLs with checkboxes near each, so we can easily exclude some of them (and option to select all) and then add the selected ones to the Sitemap, which is generated by the Yoast SEO plugin.

What should be respected:
1. Permalink ordering settings.
2. Multiple selection option (don’t add URLs with multiple selections within one attribute).
3. Don’t add non-indexable URLs to the Sitemap as this forces search engines to crawl and process these URLs. This is an unnecessary usage of crawl budget and should be avoided.

Maybe it should be connected with: https://www.wpintense.com/suggestions/seo-text-based-on-filters/, so we can add the description (seo text) below the generated URL?

Thank you.

View Live Progress

A Trello card has been created for this feature request. You can watch progress live using the card below.

Trello Card

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Allow filtering products by any custom taxonomy terms (e.g. brand or product tag) – new FWW Fast Custom Taxonomy Widget

Can you please add a new FWW Fast Custom Taxonomy Widget, so we can use any custom taxonomy for filtering our products and all FWW filters can be used on term archive pages?


More on this (see point 5): https://trello.com/c/qy1GHWHG/41-fww-add-generated-sitemap-urls-tab-and-allow-users-to-configure-top-and-bottom-text-including-bulk-edit#comment-5e8b51e7f4f85802626d32b9

Implementing this would resolve the issues with the ‘brand’ plugins:

View Live Progress

A Trello card has been created for this feature request. You can watch progress live using the card below.

Trello Card

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Accordion Categories & Attributes; Assign Attributes to Categories

Part 1 – Accordion Categories and Attributes Request:
The option to have a tidy accordion view that will expand categories and attribute lists on click.

Benefit: This will greatly improve the user experience and visuals of the filter, adding more value to the plugin

Pain-point: Currently, for large stores, several attributes are needed to aid in filtering. This makes for a long list of attributes that look messy

Ideal business requirements:
-Put title inside the accordion box.
-On-click box expands to reveal child list of categories and list of attributes.

Part 2 – Assign Attributes to categories
The option to assign attributes to appear in the sidebar filter only for specific categories.

Benefit: Same as above AND,
Prevent the shop page from having too long of a list of attributes, allowing the site to have more targeted advanced filtering in sub-sections of the site.

Pain-point: Same as above

Idea business requirements:
-Add to attribute settings: Label:
“Assign attribute to specific categories”
-Checkbox for Select parent categories: Ajax text field that searches categories and allows the user to select one or many parent categories. Attribute will show in all parent and child categories.
-Select specific categories:
Attribute will only show the specific categories selected.
Assign priority number: Assign what position the attribute filter will appear in the sidebar

Use-case: If I have a hardware store that sells across multiple departments I wouldn’t want to have detailed filters about BBQs on the main shop page. Currently, out-of-the-box woocommerce filters force you to have all or nothing. So the hardware store would have to have ALL attributes on the main shop page in order for them to show up in the BBQ section.
For the BBQ section, I may want the position for the BBQ filters to show in a higher position in the filters list, enabling easy search by BTU’s, fuel type, grill size etc.

Having the combination of accordion and assigning attributes to categories would enable a professional looking filter, making your plugin a great alternative to heavy filter plugins.

Thank you for your consideration


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Cloudflare security bypass for Price Comparison Pro

A customer has found a site with ‘Im under attack’ mode enabled.

We should still be able to scrape these pages – except when a captcha is requested – although even then, it would be useful to be able to display the captcha to the admin and ask them to enter it to re-enable scraping from their server.

The example site here is:


The library to use to perform the bypass would be this:


This service will have to be enabled through our own Phantom JS scraping service.

An additional check should be added to the start of any scraping session to check for cloudflare protection and then use the library.

The process is pretty much:

1. Check if cloudflare protection exists
2. Use the cloudflare-bypass library
3. Store the cookies for this target site for this source IP
4. When scraping after that, append the cookies to the cURL request (along with any other cookies specified by user in normal way) so that all requests bypass the protection page.
5. If cookies fail, re-run the cloudflare-bypass library to get a fresh set of cookies for this site + server IP


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Add gallery support

Currently External Images only works with featured images. This feature request is to add ‘gallery’ support so that ALL images on sliders, carousels and in the gallery can be made external.

This will need some careful thought to replicate exactly the behaviour of the gallery and store the ‘images’ array/collection somewhere against the product data.