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Add option to display attributes and attribute values to archive & detail page

For example, Brand: Adidas.

Would be nice to have an option to choose some attributes that could be added below the price on the archive page.

These links would be standard hyperlinks with spans so that the end user can style them at will using CSS.

div -> span (attributename) -> a (attributevalue)

The hyperlink would actually filter the current view to show only ‘Adidas’, or if on product detail page it would go to /filter/adidas/

This could quite easily use the same format in the admin pages as the ‘canonical attributes’ section.

We could optionally allow users to choose where these additional attributes should be placed, although I think for v1, just below the price makes most sense:


It’s only the product archive page this needs to be added to, since the product detail pages cover this in whatever the theme does with ‘additional information’. Most put that in a tab, some put it above the price etc.

Obviously that could be: Flavour, Store, Brand, Colour, etc etc – would be nice for users to be able to filter to similar items right down at the product level.


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Add OWL carousel compatibility

The OWL carousel is widely used and External Images should really be compatible with it.

In a test with fashxion I had it working with the ‘touch’ and ‘drag’ part but without the required thumbnails underneath.

Need to alter the thumb generation to be compatible with owl and to correctly produce the thumbs.

Should probably at the same time alter the existing carousel so that the thumbs are displayed properly in the thumb area – currently they’re technically displayed in the main featured image area.

Here’s a copy of the underlying HTML that OWL can use:


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Woocommerce Price Updates

Hi guys,

It would be out of this world if you could add functionality to update the Woocommerce pricing with some rules. If it goes on another site cheaper than my site don’t change, or if it goes below 5% dont change it.

Also raise the price up to £0.05p under my competitor, these types of functions would be minted.

A widget above the Product Tabs on Single Product Page similar to these https://gamesonline.direct/2016/07/29/road-trip-my-last-weekend-memories/

If you could get these i would commit to buying the plugin.


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Do not rewrite title product categories Yoast SEO

How to make the categories title stay from Yoast SEO? I have a unique title for each category, when used FWW it changes to the generated title. How to make the generation of the title only when choosing a filter (category + attribute)? This is very important for search engines. Thanks.


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Cloudflare security bypass for Price Comparison Pro

A customer has found a site with ‘Im under attack’ mode enabled.

We should still be able to scrape these pages – except when a captcha is requested – although even then, it would be useful to be able to display the captcha to the admin and ask them to enter it to re-enable scraping from their server.

The example site here is:


The library to use to perform the bypass would be this:


This service will have to be enabled through our own Phantom JS scraping service.

An additional check should be added to the start of any scraping session to check for cloudflare protection and then use the library.

The process is pretty much:

1. Check if cloudflare protection exists
2. Use the cloudflare-bypass library
3. Store the cookies for this target site for this source IP
4. When scraping after that, append the cookies to the cURL request (along with any other cookies specified by user in normal way) so that all requests bypass the protection page.
5. If cookies fail, re-run the cloudflare-bypass library to get a fresh set of cookies for this site + server IP


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Lightbox for Product Images

The issue: currently when using External Images, the lightbox that is normally available for product images, is gone. When you click an image, it simply loads in the little slider. When you click a large image, nothing happens. My customers need to be able to load the images in the lightbox, so they can inspect the details of any garments up close. Please bring back the lightbox link, so that when the larger image is clicked on, it opens in the lightbox that it setup/used for the theme currently active. In case it helps, I use the FooBox plugin for my lightbox.


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Display thumbnails with Jetpack Photon

The issue: currently all external images load as full-sized images, even if they’re only displayed as thumbnails on the site. This is extremely detrimental to page sizes and page loading times, and goes against what the External Images plugin is trying to achieve. I do not need 2,000 pixel images to load in 300×300 pixel spaces, for example in the product image galleries.

Solution: Use Jetpack’s free Photon CDN via their API to automatically display images at thumbnail sizes when required. Use the Photon API (https://developer.wordpress.com/docs/photon/api/) to check if it’s installed and enabled, and if it is, rewrite the URLs to run through Photon so they will return an optimized thumbnail sized image instead where needed. You could make this an option in the admin panel, and greatly improve loading times on the Product Page and all Archive pages a product may appear on.