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Text switcher for the search bar text

like this

Is good for:
Mobile views, get attention, more space for informations.

Example phrases inside the search bar that the user can customize:
Search for…
… Merch
… Games
… Shirts
… the answer to life the universe and everything

The user is able to add as many words he likes.
Optional: Add formatting please


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Debug log management

We are a development agency, working heavily with code. In general, we are very happy with the plugin, however, there is a minor detail that turns out to be an important issue for us.

We recommend implementing a debug functionality that will be option-activated and if possible keep the plugin’s log on a separate file. We have a huge debug log file due to the plugin’s records and it is extremely difficult to work with it.


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Ability to re-create indexes

If I make a change to what needs to be indexed such as adding or removing something like a meta_key value or Excerpts It is not immediately apparent that re-indexing is occurring or has occurred. There are also other occasions when rebuild might be necessary A button to force re-indexing would be useful


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Generate Fancy Open Graph Images

Trendy websites like github.com:

or tr-ex.me:

generate gorgeous Open Graph images.

We can create such images for filtered archives – autogeneration of og:image should be an option just like the title, description, h1, above-products-html or below-products-html.

PHP GD Library functions are total crap, so it has to be a headless browser taking a screenshot of the requested HTML template.
dev.to uses: https://docs.htmlcsstoimage.com/ but it’s a bit pricey, a custom Vercel/Netlify serverless function would be better: