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Generate Fancy Open Graph Images

Trendy websites like github.com:

or tr-ex.me:

generate gorgeous Open Graph images.

We can create such images for filtered archives – autogeneration of og:image should be an option just like the title, description, h1, above-products-html or below-products-html.

PHP GD Library functions are total crap, so it has to be a headless browser taking a screenshot of the requested HTML template.
dev.to uses: https://docs.htmlcsstoimage.com/ but it’s a bit pricey, a custom Vercel/Netlify serverless function would be better:



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Add existing filters to woocommerce breadcrumbs

This should be an optional configuration: Do not reset filters when clicking breadcrumbs

The default category breadcrumb URLs should contain filters just like FWW Product Categories widget with this option enabled: https://prnt.sc/w64m3a

e.g. existing filter is black: https://foundthru.com/product-category/dogs/dog-bowls/black/

I would like to change my breadcrumbs
from this: https://foundthru.com/product-category/dogs/
to this: https://foundthru.com/product-category/dogs/black/


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Advanced logging feature of scraping process

For Price Comparison Pro, I would like to have a detailed view of which URLs it is trying to scrape but also what happens when it doesn’t scrape a URL or when the scrape process is stuck in an infinite loop.

The details of the scrape logging could also be provide in a .txt or .csv format as we could then be able to pinpoint any faulty URLs.

This allows us to further troubleshoot the scrape process and also provide best practices based on our findings.