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Theme Developer Affiliates

If you are a theme developer or a theme design agency, there are many reasons why you should wish to affiliate with us.

Firstly, and most importantly, we solve performance and scalability issues. We are on a mission to solve this for ALL themes and plugins.

If you have users who have larger sites – high traffic volume, high volume of sales or high numbers of products/posts on their site – then no doubt they have complained to you about your theme’s performance. In the past, you’ve probably said to them something like – “You need to upgrade your server, get something more powerful”. Whilst more powerful servers DO help, they are nothing compared to what our Performance Plugin Pack provides. Instead of gaining low multiples of performance increase – e.g. 2x speed increase from a server twice as powerful – with our Performance Plugin Pack your users will see anything from 10x to 1000x performance increases depending on how large their store is. Your customers will love you for introducing them to our plugins.

Here are some key benefits you can expect from affiliating with us:

We can help your existing customers

Our performance plugins will help your customers get the performance they need at scale. In particular our performance plugin pack has proven that sub-second performance on every page is possible on a 1 million product WooCommerce store on only a $40pcm server. You no longer need to fob your customers off with ‘get a more powerful server’ – now you can give them a REAL solution that WORKS and you can earn affiliate revenue at the same time.

We can bring you a new revenue stream

Our plugins convert incredibly well and can bring you a healthy additional revenue stream – and they are unlikely to compete with anything your theme does – in fact, they most likely complement what your theme does by making it faster. We can set you up with an affiliate fee link to add directly to your theme and/or website, and we occasionally offer time-limited affiliate coupons to give your customers a discount on our plugins.

We can help you attract new customers and prove your theme performs well at scale

We can prove to your potential customers that your theme really performs well at scale – we can install your theme onto our 1 million product demo store and then you or we can record a video showing it in practice, or we can provide the link to the demo store for your users. This is not available to all themes – it needs to be worth our while to go through the work of setting up and configuring your theme on our reference store, but if we do it then you get the benefit of being able to prove that your theme performs at scale.

Bonus extras for affiliate-based themes

Every theme developer can benefit from our performance plugin pack, but another pack we have is our ‘Affiliate Plugin Pack’. This plugin pack provides great tools and features for site-owners building affiliate websites. If your theme focuses on helping users build affiliate marketing websites then we can help your users further too.

For example, our affiliate plugin pack can complement your existing affiliate feeds to provide your customers with the ability to pull prices LIVE from merchant sites. Our Price Comparison Pro plugin has no restriction on where prices can be pulled from and offers both ‘price comparison’ and ‘search comparison’ against any site in the world. If any of your customers have affiliate websites, they will love you for introducing them to Price Comparison Pro. Also in the affiliate plugin pack is ‘External Images’ which lets users keep affiliated images on the affiliate CDN which allows them to quickly and easily grow their affiliate shops to millions of products without using up local storage for images on their servers. Imagine the future where you have hundreds of clients with affiliate shops sized in the millions rather than the thousands?

Ready to sign up?

If you’re ready to join us, visit our affiliate area using the link below and create yourself an account.