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Filter Categories at brand or store level

I think this would be useful if not critical to stores who have brand or store pages. For example.

Balenciaga (Brand)
ASOS (Store)

To be able to filter various types of categories for those attributes.

At the moment if you click Balenciaga as a brand and scroll to category its blank as there are no children, but at the top level if you click t-shirts, in the sidebar under “Brand” Balenciaga will show, as there are t-shirts for Balenciaga..

Same for ASOS, as ASOS is a merchant (store) attribute for us, you navigate to Stores – ASOS, you’re presented with an ASOS page showing the various products, navigate to Categories and it is blank, again there are no children, but at top level if you again click t-shirts, jumpers or whatever it may be, under Merchant (Store) ASOS has them products.

Is this possible?


You have ... votes left in this category for this week!

Accordion Categories & Attributes; Assign Attributes to Categories

Part 1 – Accordion Categories and Attributes Request:
The option to have a tidy accordion view that will expand categories and attribute lists on click.

Benefit: This will greatly improve the user experience and visuals of the filter, adding more value to the plugin

Pain-point: Currently, for large stores, several attributes are needed to aid in filtering. This makes for a long list of attributes that look messy

Ideal business requirements:
-Put title inside the accordion box.
-On-click box expands to reveal child list of categories and list of attributes.

Part 2 – Assign Attributes to categories
The option to assign attributes to appear in the sidebar filter only for specific categories.

Benefit: Same as above AND,
Prevent the shop page from having too long of a list of attributes, allowing the site to have more targeted advanced filtering in sub-sections of the site.

Pain-point: Same as above

Idea business requirements:
-Add to attribute settings: Label:
“Assign attribute to specific categories”
-Checkbox for Select parent categories: Ajax text field that searches categories and allows the user to select one or many parent categories. Attribute will show in all parent and child categories.
-Select specific categories:
Attribute will only show the specific categories selected.
Assign priority number: Assign what position the attribute filter will appear in the sidebar

Use-case: If I have a hardware store that sells across multiple departments I wouldn’t want to have detailed filters about BBQs on the main shop page. Currently, out-of-the-box woocommerce filters force you to have all or nothing. So the hardware store would have to have ALL attributes on the main shop page in order for them to show up in the BBQ section.
For the BBQ section, I may want the position for the BBQ filters to show in a higher position in the filters list, enabling easy search by BTU’s, fuel type, grill size etc.

Having the combination of accordion and assigning attributes to categories would enable a professional looking filter, making your plugin a great alternative to heavy filter plugins.

Thank you for your consideration