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We now happily run a ticket-less system. For you, this means you can keep a chat open with us indefinitely, either through email or through our on-site chat system, and for any work where you’re waiting on us to do something it must be loaded into one of our work channels.

Bug Reports

If you have one of our plugins and have discovered a bug, you can tell us about it in chat, but ultimately the bug report must be raised through our bug tracker.

Here’s a link to view the bug reporting links:


Feature Requests

If you have one of our plugins and want something new from it, tell us about it in chat and we will help you create a feature request for it. Feature requests are grouped together, by plugin, and generally the most upvoted feature requests are worked on first. You can bypass this and get feature requests you need up to the top of the queue by sponsoring a feature request.

Feature Requests cover ‘performance reviews of plugins’ as well as functionality upgrades for existing plugins. Please note, we cannot test all plugins submitted and will tend to focus and prioritise plugins that are either hugely popular or highly challenging. Chat to us to find out more.


Questions & Answers

If you have one of our plugins or services, and you have a question about its operation, please ask the question publicly through our Q&A system so that others can benefit from the in-depth answer we provide. You’ll find the ‘Ask Question’ link at the bottom of our Q&A page:


Quote Requests

We are still taking interesting quote requests. What that means is that if your project is difficult enough that it’s not possible for other developer mortals to take on then we will consider it. If it’s just theme-customisation, please ask our partners at Codeable instead as they cover that kind of thing with ease – even better than us. But if it’s a tough problem that requires some serious thought then we’ll consider it.

If you raise a quote-request, it will go into our Trello board where a dedicated account-manager will monitor progress until you are satisfied with delivery.


Anything else?

If there’s anything else you need from us, please talk to us through the chat system directly on our website. We receive notifications instantly inside our Slack channel and typically answer instantly too. We’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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