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Woocommerce: Ajax Categories Meta-Box in Admin

For Woocommerce stores with many products and many categories, the add/edit product page takes a long time to load. For shops that deal with automotive products, the number of categories can get really big really quickly. For example, Year > Make > Model. For each year, there can be many makes, then for each make, there can be many models, and for each model, there can be many products in that model.

To speed up the load time of the product add/edit page, I’m proposing an override to the default category selector meta box. Instead of listing all the categories with nested UL of check-boxes, the box should ONLY query the top-level category and list those. When a user checks that box, it should query and load via Ajax ONLY the categories that are a direct descendant of the checked category, etc. until it gets to the bottom level. Then it saves the item in the checked categories. Does this make sense?