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Add AMP Compatibility to Price Comparison Pro

From user:

When a visitor enters my site on an AMP enabled page, the price comparison table appears in the upper right corner of the screen which makes the page look terrible.

Please view these urls on your mobile device to see what I am talking about.



With Google placing a lot of emphasis on AMP these days, I believe it is important to ensure this plugin is AMP compatible.

This is mostly an HTML and CSS alteration and will be included in the next upgrade.


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Save all prices scraped per product to meta-data or local table

A customer has indicated it would be useful to be able to analyse prices scraped in the past and there’s no good reason not to provide this feature.

A storage mechanism needs to be chosen as this table could get quite large – ideally storage options in the interface would be best.

Save the following data:

ProductID, URL, ScrapedURL, ScrapedWebsite, Price, Sale Price, ImageURLs (+ any other data scraped)



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Add Price Alerts, Price History and Cron price-checking

This is a feature I really want to see myself, but some customers have also requested something similar too now.

When a customer is using Price Comparison Pro in a particular niche, it would be particularly beneficial to their users to be able to enter their email address and receive price alerts when the price drops or rises (configurable).

This would massively increase engagement, since users would be able to receive price alerts across multiple merchants from our customers niche website. It would increase signups to their newsletter at the same time as I’d see that as an option we’d want to include (i.e include MailPoet/MailChimp integration)

Price Alerts require a cron job to check the prices on a regular, configurable basis. A customer has requested cron-based price checking, not for price alerts, but for the ability to ensure their WooCommerce ‘cheapest’ price remains up to date. I’ve given them a workaround for this at the moment, but having a cron job would be great for this.

At the same time, storing and visualising price history would enable the price alerts – e.g. showing a little graph next to the prices from each merchant – when you hover over it, it could show prices and date the price was obtained. The reason I feel this is linked/connected, is because cron underlies all of this and because seeing a changeable graph would likely initiate the user to sign up for price alerts.

For example, the Yeti Microphone which I regularly use as a demo product for Price Comparison Pro – a month ago, Amazon dropped the price down to £79. It’s back up to £99 now and still at £119 many places. A price alert from the niche website would have covered this price drop from 6 merchants.

On top of that, the benefits for my customers are large in that with price alerts, their users are then going to come back to my customers website and click through THEIR affiliate links which should significantly increase their affiliate revenue.

If anyone has any additional comments to add to this, please add them!


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Woocommerce: Ajax Categories Meta-Box in Admin

For Woocommerce stores with many products and many categories, the add/edit product page takes a long time to load. For shops that deal with automotive products, the number of categories can get really big really quickly. For example, Year > Make > Model. For each year, there can be many makes, then for each make, there can be many models, and for each model, there can be many products in that model.

To speed up the load time of the product add/edit page, I’m proposing an override to the default category selector meta box. Instead of listing all the categories with nested UL of check-boxes, the box should ONLY query the top-level category and list those. When a user checks that box, it should query and load via Ajax ONLY the categories that are a direct descendant of the checked category, etc. until it gets to the bottom level. Then it saves the item in the checked categories. Does this make sense?


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Seo text based on filters

It would be good for seo to have the ability to add custom text on the top or bottom of the page just like the description of a category, but based on the choice of filter configuration.

This way we can create better landing pages for already filtered pages of products with a specified category and/or attributes. For example, the following pages can be created: Smartphones (category) + Apple (attribute) + Gold (attribute).

And for this page the H1, title and meta description will be created automatically, but SEO text will be added manually in the admin backend based on active filters.

1) if the url is ‘/smartphones/apple/gold’ or active filters are ‘smartphones and apple and gold’ show seo text ‘description 1’
2) if the url is ‘/smartphones/samsung/white’ or active filters are ‘smartphones and samsung and white’ show seo text ‘description 2’

View Live Progress

A Trello card has been created for this feature request. You can watch progress live using the card below.

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