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Seo text based on filters

Guest shared this feature

December 29, 2018

It would be good for seo to have the ability to add custom text on the top or bottom of the page just like the description of a category, but based on the choice of filter configuration.

This way we can create better landing pages for already filtered pages of products with a specified category and/or attributes. For example, the following pages can be created: Smartphones (category) + Apple (attribute) + Gold (attribute).

And for this page the H1, title and meta description will be created automatically, but SEO text will be added manually in the admin backend based on active filters.

1) if the url is ‘/smartphones/apple/gold’ or active filters are ‘smartphones and apple and gold’ show seo text ‘description 1’
2) if the url is ‘/smartphones/samsung/white’ or active filters are ‘smartphones and samsung and white’ show seo text ‘description 2’

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