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FWW Product categories – display order

wsthff shared this feature

August 24, 2020

Please add the possibility to choose the display order: category order/name for FWW products categories widget.
Would be also great to have a “Only show children of the current category” option.

Both options are available in Woocommerce standard widget Product categories which is very convenient.


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  1. Dave H.
    March 1, 2021 @ 5:46 pm

    We already have the option to allow you to control the category order – please visit the settings page of FWW Beta and enable the “Allow Manual Sorting” option. This gives a slight performance impact, but will then respect whatever ordering you have chosen for your categories/attributes.

    Also – there is already an option to show just the children of the current category. One potential use case is to have 2 category widgets – one showing the top level hierarchy only and the other showing only the children of the currently selected category. This 2nd widget option will only display IF a category is actually selected.

    To use this option, visit Appearance -> Widgets, expand your FWW Category widget, then change “Type of category list” to “Children”.


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