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Beta Changelog for Price Comparison Pro

Showing beta changelog - click here to view core changelog instead


3.86 BETA (9th August 2022)

  • Added rule to remove /cache/xyz/ from image URL if the image is failing to load
  • Updated display style to put merchant logo in right hand side column above the price - makes more sense here
  • Added conditional code for search comparison widget so it doesn't break the page if the settings have not yet been configured

3.85 BETA (21st March 2022)

  • Added auto image selectors to scrape images and put them in comparison table
  • Added image fallback to logo if image cannot be scraped
  • Added h1, title scraper to display in comparison table
  • Still in Beta because the table no longer sorts and prices do not update

3.84 BETA (21st March 2022)

  • Changed to use a single display type - panel upgraded
  • Changed display to include scraped images (needs basic selector created) and scraped h1 or title tag (no selector required)
  • Made display panel look a lot nicer
  • Fixed the Rimi bug - if is found in the elements matched by the CSS selector, the price inside sup will be added following a decimal price to the previous found price e.g. 25 99 other stuff becomes 25.99
  • Fixed the regex scrapers so you can now scrape prices from anywhere on the page, including inside JSON objects

3.83 (17th March 2022)

  • Added translation files

3.82 (17th March 2022)

  • Fixed regex scrapers so that they do not escape characters
  • Added localisation for front-end table display
  • Changed default display type to panel

3.81 (25th February 2022)

  • Added support - many websites now use html tags to contain pennies. This means the decimal place is missing. Price Comparison Pro now correctly converts this to pennies.

3.80 (23rd February 2022)

  • Added Rocket Scrape third party scraper option as per user request from @Marius
  • Added backtick CSS price concatenation operator - e.g. if a price you are scraping does not include any kind of decimal places, then you technically need two selectors. These are implemented with a backtick `. e.g.

3.79 BETA (12th July 2021)

  • Updated HTML output to include pchiddenprice and pcprice - sorts by pchiddenprice (numeric, no currency symbols, holds cheapest of retail & sale price), displays pcprice
  • Fixed panel and div sorting to use pchiddenprice - fixes sorting broken in last beta
  • Added hidden sale price too - for when woo gets updated, it needs the retail and sale price in order to update woo

3.78 BETA (1st July 2021)

  • Refactored database price cache to include storage of retailprice and sale price in addition to price
  • Refactored front-end display to always use Javascript to produce the data in the panel (so there's a single codepath for bugfixes and improvements)
  • Added saleprice to price output if it's different to retail price and non-zero - retail price inside and sale price inside


ins> * Added some basic CSS for strikethrough of price and grey colour

3.77 BETA (1st July 2021)

  • Added detection for 50p, 50c etc to be identified as 0.50 rather than £50
  • Added prelimenary work for showing both SALE and REGULAR price with regular price inside with strikethrough applied

3.76 (April 2021)

  • Minor CSS styling improvements

3.75 (21st April 2020)

  • Fixed bug with missing configs for scraped domains - now it will correctly revert back to the default config if you have not specified a config
  • Improved debug for product detail page in javascript console -
  • Added some checks against the domain in settings page since this is a common source of support questions - basically prevent people inserting https:// when they shouldn't
  • Made a minor modification to the code that saves sale prices - had a report ( that sale prices are not saving to the database

3.74 (30th September 2020)

  • Added new WPI Settings page where users can enter their license key to enable plugin updates

3.73 (30th June 2020)

  • Added new decimal separator config to websites so you can specify , or . as separators
  • Specifically fixed who use a with an image as a decimal separator. This should work for other websites that do this too.

3.72 (20th August 2019)

  • Fixed DB update bug causing errors on activation

3.71 (27th July 2019)

  • Fixed warning message that was appearing since last update due to new displaystyle added to autowoo

3.70 (25th July 2019)

  • Added 'displaystyle' option to shortcode pricecomparisonpro_woocommerce so now you can have whatever style in your WooCommerce automatic price comparison (floatleft, floatright, panel, fullwidth)
  • Removed warning message from initial empty setups if currency was not configured

3.69 (19th July 2019)

  • Changed default display to panel, except for automatic woocommerce summary which is defaulting to 'floatright'

3.68 (18th July 2019)

  • Fixed another bug related to , as thousands vs . as thousands separator
  • Removed broken code to set 'out of stock' - will replace it with text search for relevant text to confirm out of stock OR 404 from URL

3.67 (30th May 2019)

  • Fixed bug causing £3,000 to be treated as £30.00
  • Fixed Panel display not updating prices
  • Fixed price ordering so it automatically orders on page load and so that panel ordering works again now
  • Changed Last checked: text to use a span with class .lastchecked so you can override the text displayed using CSS

3.66 (6th May 2019)

  • Fixed admin debug and logging css when long URLs were present
  • Added 'latest price' table for internal use
  • Fixed outofstock bug where items were being incorrectly being marked out of stock even when prices from other in-stock merchants existed
  • Fixed bug for some themes causing javascript to not correctly update price and affiliate link directly on the page
  • Fixed bug with sorting results - out of stock items now correctly are placed at the bottom
  • Fixed bug where price was not being updated on the page through JavaScript. It now correctly updates prices and affiliate links directly through JavaScript rather than requiring a page-refresh

3.65 (23rd March 2019)

  • Changed price check to > 0 instead of != 0 to avoid broken or out of stock items being marked as price 0

3.64 (21st March 2019)

  • Hardened the admin page so that you do not need to enter a price selector if you're only scraping images

3.62 (22nd February 2019)

  • Fixed bug with search comparison form required productname (now you don't)

3.61 (7th February 2019)

  • Fixed spinner on dynamic search widget so that if no items found it gets correctly set to 0 instead of remaining as a spinner
  • Fixed price caching so on new page loads, it will avoid refetching prices from server (even if those were actually cached) according to cache age in settings - this speeds things up quite a bit
  • Fixed Out of stock messages so out of stock correctly displayed.
  • Added last-scraped-time - we have pricetime and scrapetime - this helps with times when a scrape occurs but a price is not actually found so pricetime could not be set properly
  • Moved caching from transients into custom database table - paving the way for price history to come
  • Fixed woocommerce update so it will mark items as out of stock - EVEN IF EXTERNAL/AFFILIATE IMAGE - this is now using a postmeta field
  • To support new out of stock feature, price html is filtered - if a product becomes out of stock, the price gets a strike-through and then out of stock gets added
  • Hardended code to prevent setting woocommerce prices to 0 when product is out of stock, correctly now sets parameter for out of stock (woocommerce doesn't allow stock control of affiliate products)
  • Fixed manual refresh so it also updates woocommerce if configured and if needed
  • DB structure for URLs altered slightly to support last price caching
  • URLs properly decoded now so cache hits happen in all cases where prices are cached

3.60 (4th January 2019)

  • Added brand new 'dynamic search form widget'. Now it's possible to add a search form to your pages and allow your users to search through your affiliates
  • Added scraperapi functionality to search widgets
  • Improved localisation options for search widgets
  • Improved price finder technology
  • Added some other new options to search comparison settings page to configure websites
  • Other additions related to 'search comparison widget' and 'dynamic search form'

3.53 (20th December 2018)

  • Fixed upgrade compatibility from really old version of Price Comparison Pro

3.52 (20th December 2018)

  • Fixed the 'search comparison' shortcode so it now correctly scrapes search results and displays them

3.50 (28th November 2018)

  • Major upgrade
  • New background scraper capabilities added
  • New debug and scraper fixing screens added
  • New logging screen added to make it easy to see what's working and what's not
  • New ability to bulk import product URLS from Datafeedr
  • Added gallery scraping compatibility with External Images plugin
  • Bulk website configuration capability added to help you get started
  • ScraperAPI capability added - you can now scrape using your own server, with a proxy, through WPI scraping service (with or without proxy), or with Scraper API

3.14 (23rd May 2018)

  • Added new 'panel' layout

3.13 (17th May 2018)

  • Fixed currency issue involving , and . and > 10000

3.12 (12th March 2018)

  • Further fix for 'header' warning

3.11 (11th March 2018)

  • Fixed 'header' warning (being output too early) when using shortcode
  • Fixed broken 'sale price' retrieval
  • Fixed duplicate URL problem where prices would sometimes appear twice in price panel
  • Improved performance of saving prices, only ever saves now when it really needs to

3.10 (10th February 2018)

  • Fixed broken skimlinksid

3.09 (18th December 2017)

  • Fixed bug related to empty prices setting WooCommerce price to zero

3.08 (30th November 2017)

  • Fixed bug that caused woocommerce price update to happen multiple times
  • Fixed bug that caused 'related products' to adopt price of updated WooCommerce price


  • Fixed bug that caused widget to multiply when the woocommerce shortcode was added multiple times
  • Fixed bug that caused a 'manual price refresh' to update all prices for that domain when there were multiple widgets on the page
  • Fixed shortcode to return HTML rather than echo it - this should improve display in many themes significantly
  • Added 3 styles to shortcode to allow user to display floatright, floatleft or fullwidth


  • Fixed bug for updating woocommerce prices that occurred on initial page load
  • Improved detection of currency locale to fix prices with commas and decimals


  • Prevent Price Comparison Pro widget showing when only the 1 URL to compare
  • Fix 'scrape type' saving bug per-website for price comparison pro widget
  • Allow attempts at scraping even if no domain set up for the website
  • Fixed cookies config
  • Fixed 3 decimal places bug


  • Added currency per website for search comparison
  • Added currency per website for price comparison
  • Fixed price search for search comparison to use pattern matching rather than CSS
  • Made admin screens fit inside 1280 screen width
  • Added help instructions to admin screen for search comparison
  • Removed debug from search comparison admin screen
  • Added scrape type to price comparison (was previously only on search comparison)
  • Removed generic currency symbol, position and scrape type (now per website)


  • Fixed occasional ajax error caused by large HTML pages that caused 502 gateway (headers too large) error
  • Fixed error caused by XMLPath returning elements in Document order rather than 'selector' precedence order